Welcome to Kragel Industries, Inc. Industrial & Custom Sewing.

Custom Repair Services

Need a fixed zipper? button missing? holes in your clothing? ripped seams? pockets no longer pockets? From knits to denim, outdoor gear to heirloom garments, Kragel Industries has got you covered and mended.

Our expert tailors have decades of experience and are here to help.

Garment Repair

A torn seam, frayed hem to missing buttons is no reason to ruin your favorite outfit! Our expert team—with years of experience—here in Hamburg are ready to serve you. Contact us today to get that outfit repaired, and enjoy your favorite threads again!

Zipper Repair

Are you frustrated by a zipper that doesn’t zip? In many cases, nothing wrong with the zipper: if no teeth are missing or damaged, the problem is the zipper slider. If it’s broken, and we can replace it the same day. If it’s not holding consistently and needs to be replaced, we can do that too. We fix any kind of zipper: jacket , heavy-duty, pants & jeans and more!

Additional Services

We can re-stitch and repair your awning. Need a new window, zipper or snap in your boat cover? We can repair it. From small residential home flags to extra large commercial flags, we can give new life to them.